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Patrick M. McGuire

Professional Engineer, Structural Engineer

April 16, 2012 Factory built RR

Factory built RR

Structural designer of factory built restrooms.

I’m proud to say that my career literally has gone down the toilet. These buildings are used in public parks, ball fields, etc. They were built in a factory with an 8” reinforced concrete floor slab. The walls were either 4” or 6” reinforced concrete masonry. There was usually a HSS steel cap beam and either a steel or glulam frame to support the roof. This building has a glulam roof system. If you look carefully at the peak, you will see a “mating line.” That is each single slope area is a separate module. They were shipped divided and reconnected in the field. They make a very nice cost effective finished product. One project I worked on was built in Oregon & shipped to a park in southern Florida. Go figure.

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