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Patrick M. McGuire

Professional Engineer, Structural Engineer

April 16, 2011 SIP & glulam sports store

SIP & glulam sports store

Structural designer of Structural Insulated Panels on the roof & wall as well as the glulam frame & connections.

On this single story project the roof is formed by Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) spanning between glulam beams. Vertical loads from the roof are carried by glulam columns. Lateral loads are resisted by the SIP roof panels acting as a diaphragm and the SIP wall panels acting as shear walls. I designed the SIP panels as well as the glulam members. The Architect wanted hidden glulam connections, so I designed custom hidden connections, too. This is a very simple building system & remarkably energy efficient. It deserves to be used on many more light commercial projects.

at 826 × 278 in Project Gallery